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John Andrews

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"An Introduction to Domain Name Investing"

John Andrews, Consulting Engineer, Upper Left Placement

December 17, 2013 6:00pm

About the Talk

John introduced the business activity of "domaining", which is the buying, selling, trading and sometimes developing of Internet domain names as assets. In some ways like Real Estate, and in other ways more like rare coin collecting or currency trading, domaining is a past-time that is a hobby for some and a career for others. This introduction covered the basics of ownership of domain names (which is really more like leasing), and several interesting aspects of the marketplace for domain names.

John has many years experience with domain names, which made for a very interesting talk. He knows many of the world's most famous, most successful, and most infamous domainers. He also considers domaining a true opportunity for anyone intersted in learning a new business, and demonstarted that there is significant opportunity for those who learn the nuances and conduct themselves in a professional way, of course managing the risky parts of speculative investing in Internet names along the way.

When is It?

BHAMSessions are planned for the 1st Tuesday of every month, but may be rescheduled to accommodate speakers and holidays. Please watch this website for announcements.

Who's Invited?

All web-involved professionals in Bellingham at the time of the talk are welcome. Copy writers, web designers, producers and production staff, story tellers, content creators, coders & developers, strategy-UX-IA pros... even marketers are welcome! Bring us a business card that shows you are active in the industry.

Who Speaks or Presents?

Local people with stuff to share, and some invited guests. If you have something to present for discussion or to demonstrate something you've accomplished on the web or with web technologies, let us know via the contact form. Or just come and witness, and consider presenting on a later date.

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BHAMSessions are for web-involved professionals interested in learning, sharing and networking with peers. Business owners who are not web professionals can use the invite form below to request permission to attend, which may be granted at the discretion of the organizers and participants.

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Anything of interest to an audience of local web professionals is suitable for a BHAMSession. Any topic that helps with the What, How, and Why aspects of publishing on the web. No promotional or sales presentations, please. See the list of prior BHAMSessions for examples.

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BHAMSessions are run by volunteers and hosted by Americas Favorite Media, a local web publisher.

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Yes, BHAMSessions are free to participants. However, our gracious hosts and sponsors reserve the right to restrict attendance to anyone for any reason.

Is this like a TED Talk?

Heck no! BHAMSessions are casual "here's what I did" and "check this out" gatherings. Don't have a polished deck? Bring what you got, and present what you bring, or go live at a keyboard or white board. BHAMSessions are about the people and the info sharing, not fame nor glory.

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Americas Favorite Media conducts research, develops web strategy, builds, publishes, manages and promotes web properties from a loft space above Brandy Wine kitchen on Commercial Street. BHAMSessions are held inside Americas Favorite Media. Address is in the footer.

Additional Info

BHAMSessions should be supportive for learners, creative innovators, and risk-takers, so please bring smiles and an open mind. No audio recording and no video permitted. White board and markers, projector for Mac/Windows available.

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